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Matt is right..he was a long time member before becoming a mod. In Matt's case ( and he is by far one of the best mods) he started showing up in chat. It was there that Matt and i became sort of buddies making fun of one another. I liked the fact that Matt loved to joke around and have come back wars with me. After awhile i noticed that he had the ability to guide ppl in chat. He was good at answering questions and upholding the rules that i had in the room. So with little thought actually, i promoted him and he became second in command in all chat rooms. It was with this promotion that he showed to me the real skills of leadership in carrying out what was asked of him. The more i got to know him, the more i realized that he really knew his stuff about herps as well. Every once in awhile Jeff will ask us who we think would be good mods. Being that Matt was doing so good in chat, i suggested him. By that time, Jeff to began to know Matt and talked to him as often as i did and realized the same qualities. So I guess it took Jeff no thought at all and he promoted Matt to a mods position...and hes been a pain in my side ever since..lmao!!!

For the record...i actually was a member first. I was there before the site opened...however i think i was about the 7th person to actually join. At that time, i had no herps and no interest to be honest. My life was and still is, things of the aquatic nature. It wasnt till Jeff created the aquarium section of the site that he talked me into joining. Remember, i was the doubting Judas and didn't think this site would amount to anything. But i joined anyways and basically talked to myself in the aquarium section for several lonely months. It was somewhere in this time Jeff said to me, im making you a mod. I was like..thats great!!! What is that? Well..ive been one ever since!

As far as qualities, i can speak on behalf of Jeff for this cause we do have a partnership on another site, and ill tell you what i look for. First off is frequency of visits. If your not can you moderate? Secondly is the ability to get along, on and outside of the site. Are you a member who can stay out of fights and basically play nice? Keen sense of upholding the law. As with any business, you need managers. These are ppl that will take the policies, and practices of a company and make sure they are upheld. If your a member who doesnt stray from the rules of the site, as listed in the terms of service..your mod material. There is however keen areas that each individual may or may not meet that exceeds these listed about. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different approach. There is always lots of members that we as a team sit back and say..he or she would be good. Some ppl may show certain qualities that Jeff finds unique and that would be good for the whole of the site. We can't always name those qualities because everyone is an individual. My suggestion for anyone who would like to become one is this. Be here, post intelligent posts, uphold the laws of the site, play nice, and most of all be enthusiastic about the community and the whole field of herping in general!
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