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Yes, I've heard that rumour too. Some animals did make it to zoos etc.. and it's fairly safe to say that most if not all zoo stock was/is acquired legally, however animals produced by zoos, don't generally end up in private collections
Even if you claim the founder animals are zoo stock, or pre CITES or came over with Chris Columbus, you better have a paper trail to prove it.

All this discussion really leads to one resolve.
If you're buying CITES animals(especially high end ones) with hopes of breeding and exporting their offspring, only buy them if you get a copy of the CITES or other verification that they were imported legally.

The Canadian wildlife service that administers CITES will sometimes accept petstore receipts as proof of legal origin for the more common Boids and monitors providing they know such petstores are ruitinely importing legally. The govenment gets the original CITES permits from all imports, so they have files on everyone doing business legally.
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