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It may seem a bit complicated Ken, but the goal is to not support smuggled animals in any way shape or form.
Just because it's captive bred doesn't make it legal. If it was that simple there would be more smuggling if it only took one generation to "launder" the offspring.
Just because it's captive bred doesn't mean you'll be granted CITES export permits to ship it elsewhere. The founder stock is what must be proven, most of the time.(just remember"Need paper to get paper")
I have exported childrens pythons, but I also have European CITES for the founder stock. I've also both imported and exported white Lip Pythons, but since they are not strictly Aussie main land , that is easier( legally sourced to Indonesia)
Getting Canadian CITES to export aussie stuff, is easier than it is for Americans to export the same.
You're pretty daring to mention names here and suggest that specific individuals have animals obtained through "questionable means".
There are Canadians importing Aussie snakes from Europe,and other party nations, and as long as they arrive here with valid CITES , they are considered legal by our government
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