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Im lucky...i saved and saved my money as a child from the day i first saw the dukes of harzard tv show. All i dreamt about was buying a dodge charger. When i was in my teens i lucked upon one...never in my wildest dreams did i think i would be able to afford one...let alone a matching numbers R/T in good condition. As luck would have it, the guy that owned it was a much older co-worker that was thrilled that i was so enthused with the car. Being a wealthy guy he took pity on the fact that i was about to hand over my entire bank account to buy the car and slashed the price nearly 95%. His condition was that i kept care of it and never sold it unless i absolutely had to...and that he could drive it whenever he wanted lol. Ive had the car for about 15 years now, he drove it once in that time and i havent seen him since. Its my baby..was and always will be my dream car and i will never part with her.

i noticed the confederite flag under the lisence plate, lol i thought the only red-neaks where down here! any way nice car u got to love the classics
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