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Dom, I hate to say it but there is very little you can do. My sister just went through the same thing a bat was found in the daycare she runs (it's in the basement of a church) We phoned everywhere but it finally came down to by-law picking it up. Needless to say it's been killed and is now being tested. I hate to say it but that was the best souloution in this case as it could have been a carrier for disease and was found in a place where lots of children are. I'm not sure what to tell you other than be safe around it. Speaking from experience, Rabbies shots hurt like hell...I'd just turn it over to by-law but if you really want to give it a shot feed it lots of super worms and crickets, then release it on one of the warmer days that are comming up but i highly dought it'll stand much of a chance. It'll more than likely just freez to death. Sorry i can't be of more help. If you still have it let me know as i have some friends out of town that used to rehabe wildlife including bats, I could always see if their interested.

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