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Interestingly enough, CITES only says that the animal itself must be legally obtained. It says nothing at all about the parents of the animal. If something is captive bred in a certain country, doesn't that make it automatically "legal"? It's not like you're exporting the smuggled parents - the offspring were born in a captive environment. So in other words, if I buy a woma from Henry Piorun and another one from Don Patterson, and I breed them together and try to export these babies, it means that the parents of the parents of the parents were obtained by questionable means - but wouldn't this be the case with all Aussie reptiles? As far as I know, you can ship Spotties over the border until your arm falls off from CITES paperwork.

Some laws are just plain lame. Nonetheless, thanks for the insight everyone!

EDIT: Never mind, apparently it does apply to spotties too. Scratch that comment. But I still think it's lame.
- Ken LePage

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