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Doubt that you'd be able to acclimatise it to hibernation. You'd have to have it gain about 25% more weight than normal (gievn that it's not at hibernation weight already). Plus you'd have to keep it plump enough before you drop temps. The most difficult part would be to find a suitable enough hibernacula which gets cold enough and (most importantly) secluded enough. Bats hibernating need to stay in slumber as long as they can without waking. Each time they wake, they expand energy and quickly lose their body fat. In the wild, you could kill a bat by disturbing a colony hibernating in the caves. Bat's do wake up from hibernation in the middle of winter if temps warm up a lil. But this is usually followed by a binge feeding while temps are warm, to keep their weight up.

The sad truth maybe that it may have to be euthanised (most shelters, or wildlife rehabs do this in winter) or be released in a known hibernacula and let it take it's chances. Either way, good luck with it!
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