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I don't have a problem with anyone wanting to be a vegan. That's their choice, I do have a problem with those that want to tell me I am somehow a bad person for eating meat , especially when they are wearing leather Nikes as they are telling me this. That is ok, I'm an adult and I can ignore them and go on with my life, but telling kids that their Mother kills rabbits and that horrible poster.... that is just wrong! I bet we could go into these people's houses and find a lot of things that animals died for.
Wooden furniture? Trees were cut down and habitats lost. Plastic? It's filling up landfills and hurting the enviroment. I wonder how many of them have eaten jello salad with their vegan meals? Gelatin is made from rendered animal fat.
I wonder how many of them have briefly entertained the thought of eating rabbit while they watched one mowing down their vegatable garden?
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