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KFC = Killing Friendly Chickens

Peta's site for kids telling em to be vegitarian..... Even have their own trading cards telling kids they'll get fat if they eat chicken....Man these people are out there.....

from Peta:KFC isn’t just bad news for chickens! Eating chicken parts can make you fat and sick! Take a look at our new “Chicken Chump” trading cards, and you’ll see what we mean. Most chickens in stores have germs on them—which are often nothing but chicken poop. Gross! These poop-covered chicken pieces are disgusting, and they can make you hurl. And if you’re eating buckets of greasy, fatty drumsticks and nuggets, don’t be surprised if your belly gets so big that you can barely zip your pants! To order your own set of “Chicken Chump” cards, complete the form here and don’t forget to order extras to hand out to friends.

Jon Dona

Fox has one of those new reality shows at eight, 'Fast animals, slow children
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