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Talking Meeces

Last night my cat was batting at something under the TV stand, (the stand is made of wood, and only has a visible few spaces inbetween the floor and the stand, its a cd/tv stand) and the cats loose stuff under there all the time.

So my mom tells me to get one of the many toy mice we have strewn about the living room, from underneath the stand. As i approuch the space i see a string from underneath sticking out, so i grab it, to my delight it was wet and squishy. i retrieve d my hemos thinking it was food or something of the sort.

Finally i plunge my hemos into the darkness and grasp the wet squishy thing, only to pull out a disemboweled mouse! Wich looked like the rats i have in the freezer, so i was a bit baffled for a second, but then noticed the BIG difference between rat and mouse smell, and even more funny my mo predicted the whole thing hahahaha,

the mpus prob. came into the hous during the day, b/c it was dead cold, pretty stupid of him to come into a house of four champion (and former) mousers. oh well thats lif right!?
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