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Originally posted by Mandas Leos
i have 3 tokays already lol they dont climb the walls and they have their fat tails and bumpy manager thinks the green one may just be patternless and turned green from his substrate??
Tokays are arboreal geckos that spend most of their time stuck to the glass or climbing branches in their home. Leopard geckos cannot climb glass, and have fat tails. It sounds to me like you have your geckos confused. Both geckos have very different requirements. Here is a pic of a normal leopard gecko...
<img src="">

One thing that also concerns me, what kind of substrate are these animals being kept on that is capable of staining their skin?

To answer your second question, it isn't a wise decision to mix different types of species within an enclosure. If you have space and want more room, maybe you could add a few more firebelly toads For more info, stop by the General Amphibian forum.
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