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It drives me absolutely BUGSH*T!! I have been known to go to great lengths to locate the persistent ones. I order 4 wk as a rule to avoid the problem, but there always seemd to be that stray adult or the odd one that matures a week early.

I purposely feed the males to the hungriest herps to get them processed as fast as possible. On occasion one or two escape in the house and when a male gets into the walls... well OMFG does this person lose his mind! I've ripped baseboard or door casing off the walls with my bare hands to get at them.

Lately I've resorted to taking a can of PC cleaner and inverting to get the icy blast of refrigerant happening. Poke the nozzle into the nook where the bug is holed up and FREEZE his sorry little exoskeleton into a bugsicle!!

Perhaps I just need therapy...

Revenge is a dish best served cold...

With a side plate of steaming entrails,
And a nice Bordeaux!
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