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I agree with almost everything you've said. The question is not wether we as parents have the right to subject our children to dangerous situtations unnecessarily. The question is how much danger was his child in? I'm not qualified to make that call, and frankly most of us here are not better qualified to do so than Steve is. Does anyone here understand crocodile behavior better than Steve? The people likely to review the tape (child welfare workers) are even less qualified. Even Jack Hannah (sp?) on Larry King was *constantly" qualifying his opinion statements with things like "but Steve would know better than me", and such when talking about crocodile behavior. If this was a grizzly, I'd probably accept Jack's opinion over Steve's on the matter.

Yeah, I like Steve...many of us do, but my opinion stems from the fact that Steve is an acknowledged expert on crocodile behavior.

By the way, your link is broken, but the snippets you posted are not compelling IMO. It was not the crocodile's behavior that was being dramatised, and I dont know what sorts of disclaimers regarding Steve's experience were uttered before or after the clip that's been airing.

By the way, a few weeks ago on Killer Instinct, I saw Rob Bredl have some woman sit on the back of a HUGE crock. I dont recall the same uproar (or any mention at all) about putting others in danger.

Anyway, I see and respect your points, but I have a certain amount of faith in Steve's ability to assess the risk involved.

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