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It is so hard for people to look past Steve Irwin and their like for him because of his Shows which led to his public perception of being a great guy.

Many times I have seen it brought up its " Thier kids" or who gives us the right to interfer with how they or any person brings up their children.

I do not disagree that in some cases the laws go way overboard and take more rights from us as parents then should be allowed. Hell when i was in school you did wrong you got a quick introduction to the Board of education and im not talking about the Board where people sit on, im talking the one that meets where you sit. The Lawmakers took that tool of disapline from the teachers and now look at the schools and what occurs in them. I was never willing to meet the Board so i behaved and learned. Now we have kids who know teachers cant do anything really and it shows.
Many states will not allow us to spank our children they look at " Time out " as more effective. Hey I know how often i got my butt torn up for doing something wrong and sure did not make the same mistake again. Yes to much interferance by people is wrong and I whole heatedly agree to that.

However it is both are Moral and Ethical responciblity to set Safety laws to keep our children from dangers and to have them enforced. We require safty belts in cars. We require child safety seat in cars. there are a host of other things we have said yes kids do need to be protected from and create laws for thier safety.

Many Countries have Laws reguarding Wildlife and exacting laws on who / whom may inneract with these animals with age requirements and safety standards for the keeper, public and animals.

When a person violates these laws and endangers a child especially a well know figure on a media outlit We must look past our like and or dislike of the person and look at exactly what happened. Putting my feelings aside I saw a man in a crocadile paddock with an infant. That in itself is dangerous . Now the Man created a feeding situation which provokes the animal in to a feed responce. This just escalates the danger level. He then took the baby by the arms and bobbled it around the same paddock with no support for the infants head or neck. This is just plain and simple dangerous behavior to the child in a situation now where an animal is also already with a feeding responce active. Now combine that with the fact he did it for drama for the media. That is irresponcible and dangerous.

Luckily nothing serious happened this time! But I still need to look at the ramifications it could have had on our hobby and our ability to keep animals. I have said it before and will again. Mr Irwin is a role model for many up comming Herpers and his actions and stunts are mimiced by these new members to our community. These actions can have devestating effects on persons without his years of knowledge and training.

Before you reply think about all the replies and opinons on just this incodent alone and it had a good outcome. Now imagine had something gone very wrong and the baby been killed and what the out cry would have been. I know from seeing it in many states that one bad thing can lead to many new laws restricting our rights. Now Imagine what kind of calls politicians would be getting saying " WE DO NOT WANT PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY KEEPING THOSE" look at what happend to Steve Irwin and he knew what he was doing. Public out cry does create laws without reason.

Yes he is in Australia but as such a popular and well telvised person in other countries he can have an impact. How many of you know the Laws in Australia pertaining to Crocs in captivity?

Below link is to the Australian laws pertaining to crocadiles. Unfortuantely my PDF converter is broken so you will need to view it in PDF. After opening got to " E" and read.

Please read # 6 Demponstrations and handling

" C " STATES CLEARLY :Over-dramatisation and sensationalism of crocodile behaviour has a negative impact on community perceptions of crocodiles and is not to be undertaken.

"F" Goes on to state Park visitors should not be presented with examples of inappropriate behavior that might be copied by some people. Explain that the presenter is an experianced handler and that it would be unsafe for a member of the pyblic to copy the actions of the presenter
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