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There is actually a specialized pocket amp/ mic that you can buy from radio shack that amplifies even Rca settings for noise etc. I used to use one for installing car sure they still sell them, they are about 20 bucks. How it works is that it takes the voltage/noise and sound signal from something as low as an rca input, or a telephone etc. By rca, i mean, this thing can pick up the noise of voltage coming from your cars cd player, going through the rca cord to the amplifier. Professional car audio guys use this to dial in the car's audio accessories to get the least amount of noise possible for competitions. The mic on it can basically pick up the sound of a pin dropping. It has either rca outputs, or a 1/8 jack that could be adapted to plug directly into your pc or a tape recorder etc. This would for sure amplify the sounds......ill look to find a product number and description for you...i know this sounds confusing..its very hard to explain.
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