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Just to get everything wright, here is what i think i'm supposed to do... stop feeding the snakes for 2 weeks so that all of their food will go out... hybernabte them for two weeks and the temperature have to be between 55-60F... warm them up for another 2 weeks and feed them a lot... then introduce them to each others cages so they get used to smells for a day or so... waight till they shed (but do no WAA 6.5 week ??? wouldn't they starve to death in 6.5 weeks? Then is there a way so that i can change to a sertain temperature so that they will not have to stay in there for too long? Basycally i thought that the snakes can't leve for more then a month after they have lost all of food in them
t have to)... then poot them together for a week to mate...
This is what makes me believe that you don't know what you are talking about, if you know about the animals then you should know about them going long periods without food and how to brumate them. There are many more posts but I'm not going hunting I think this should be enough.
Thanks Josh
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