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Joshm, i really apresheate youre consern for anymals But, you should really read carefully before making any coments! You have comented that i am getting the snakes with out knowing anything about them, which is apsolutley wrong and have no idea what made you think that.

Firtable i know everything of my anymal's habitats, and their temperatures as to how to keep them. Secondable i just got a pair for my male King and want to know how to Breed Them NOT to know how to take care of them which i already know, i know all of the info to keep them and was just doble checking on how to breed them cause the internet sources can be some times out dated.

Basycally what i wana say is i am a very sensytive person when it comes to my anymals and my selph, when it came to the point where a person starts saing shet with out knowing me as a person or my knowledge. I have dedicated my whole life and will do everything i can for all living creatures untill i can mouve no more. I have saved lives of other anymals including fighting to save something as small as a bee, the last thing i would do is to get an anymal which i know nothing about!
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