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If there is a language barrier then I will appoligize, but for people not reading and learning before haveing these animals is wrong. It is a privelege to own them and to take care of them and too many people abuse it. He should have done his homework before aquiring these snakes. The questions he asks are basic and people should know these things before running out and buying snakes, even if they are common or only worth $75 dollars. They are not disposible pets and people need to learn without people holding their hands. Like I said there is tonnes of info out there and people are getting to lazy to do it themslves. By reading his posts I don't think he has alot of knowledge and I don't won't to see the snakes suffer because of it. All I'm saying is if you want to own these things, then do your homework first, without asking everyone to do it for you. This is so the animals have a good and prospurose life. Well I think I'm done ranting now.
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