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Medusa yes terri did have something to say .. I will post it at the end of this responce'

Steve's dad di not get in trouble because it was 30 years ago and laws were not made to enforce the actions. If they had been i am certain he would have had a visit. As to why he faces no charges. Would you cut off your cash cow? I dont think so He generates way to much money for Queensland. It will take a very major act for them to not turn the blind eye they are.

The Sunday Telegraph also reported that after the crocodile feeding, Irwin and his American wife, Terri, told their five-year-old daughter, Bindi, to splash around in a pool near a crocodile pen to encourage the reptiles to swim out. "Now flail around and look helpless, that's the girl, good girl," Terri Irwin was quoted as saying. "That's my girl, Bindi Irwin, the other white meat."

Irwin's American wife, Terri, had handed the baby over to Irwin in the enclosure and giggled at the spectacle.

"It was a wonderful sensory experience for him (the baby). He dug it," she said.

Scott Bice

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