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Why then, Mustangrde, is no one attacking Steve's father's behavior? He did the same things, and I doubt Steve considered what he was doing a massive risk. He loves his kids and his animals, if he'd thought what he was doing was very dangerous to his son, he wouldn't have done it. He figured (as Terri must have) that he knew what he was doing. If it was or not, regardless of his perception, we can't really say because nothing happened.

Yes what was done was more dangerous then playing baseball, but I think your comparisons are on the opposite side of the extreme. I think we're all having trouble finding a realistic middle ground. I wouldn't compare a professional doing what he's done all his life with his son to blindfolding a kid and setting them infront of a pitching machine.

It is a shame that it's a public issue, and I think if Steve had realized how people would react he may not have done it with an audience.

*However*, if Terri says something about it thats a whole nother issue. Has anyone heard anything about what she thought and if she had a say? If she didn't, then I'm going to have to do some serious rethinking. She often keeps Steve in check when he gets overenthusiastic, and can tend to be on the more grounded side.
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