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Gino first to your question... It is not hard to use a hook or tongs and im sure he knows how to very well just loves the shock and ratings to much to use safety protocals....

I can careless about what he does in private. The problem with him is he doesnt do it in private he does it in the publics eye which can and will cause public outcry just look at all the forums
and how many this subject is on.

I am steeling a friends words here but i think it said volumes

If people can't see the difference between the minimal risk of driving in a car or climbing a tree and the increased risks of taking a kid and dragging it into close proximity with an animal not only capable but INCLINED to do it harm, then there's a massive problem here.

All these analogies to everyday risks are absurd and everytime someone makes one comparing these actions to other behaviors with *reasonable* risk, it makes me question the intelligence of the poster.

What was done was NOT like driving in a car or allowing a kid to play baseball... It was like driving a car with no brakes or blindfolding a child and setting them in front of a fastball pitching machine.

Reasonable risks are just that... reasonable. Massive risks with nothing to gain are simply idiotic.
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