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I'm intrigued at how people today are so very interested in how others raise their children and are sure their way is better. I agree with all those who are pointing out that this is how Steve was raised, and it must seem very natural to him.

Most children today are *over* protected and bored. When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to have woods and lakes to play in and around, exploring and seeing animals and scaping knees and so on. Actually playing instead of staring at the TV all day.

Dangerous? Probably. But I'm still alive, aren't I? Today there aren't many wild areas left to play in, and children are out trying to become teenagers too fast and follow the latest fads instead of exploring and learning about their world.

Frankly, I think Bindi-Sue and Bob are incredibly lucky kids. Talk about rich experiences growing up. Every time I've seen Steve and Terri on any program, theres this overwhelming sense of sincerity about them, and enthusiasm. Those kids have a head start if you ask me.

How many people ranting about endangering children have alchohol and cigarettes around the house? How many people use these poisons around their kids? Unsafe cars, letting kids play in the street, fireplaces, unfenced pools, public school... The world is full of dangers.

Steve grew up in a different world than we have, one full of risk and experience. His kids will do the same. More power to them. I don't think this is at all comparable to Jacko.

Snap judgements and witch hunts are a sad fact of human nature. Too bad more people aren't willing to take a look at things through different points of view.

I know a number of folks had already made these points, but I thought I'd rant a bit too
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