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Just to get everything wright, here is what i think i'm supposed to do... stop feeding the snakes for 2 weeks so that all of their food will go out... hybernabte them for two weeks and the temperature have to be between 55-60F... warm them up for another 2 weeks and feed them a lot... then introduce them to each others cages so they get used to smells for a day or so... waight till they shed (but do not have to)... then poot them together for a week to mate... then seperate them for 2 days... then poot them togethen for another 1 week for the best fertalization... then separate... feed bouth of them... ones the female lays eggs incubate the eggs with the temperature of 82F.

Invictus you said it take 3 month, but as far as i know it takes like 6 1/2 weeks.. so where am i wrong? If something is wrong in here plz let me know. Thank you for youre time.
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