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Originally posted by tHeGiNo
As already suggested, I am sure the baby has been introduced to smaller lizards and crocs. I am also sure it wouldn't have had the same effect.

Then to make the claim that he did this for his own personal interest, the reason all I said was that it was stupid is simply because the claim itself is ridiculous. It is backed up by zero evidence, and again it is just ridiculous. That is why I did not feel the need to refute your point. Claiming him to his his baby as a prop, now that is taking it a little bit too far.
I'm just going by the facts at hand. Where is your evidence that he has introduced to smaller lizards and crocs. Or are only those with differing opinions than yours required to have evidence. And the best argument you have is that my claim is stupid simply beacuse the claim itself is riduculous. Very savy debator. My point was that if this was only for exposing his kid to the animals, then why advertise it as an event and do it in front of hundreds of people who paid money?
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