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Well...I have to say that if it was Joe Schmoe getting into a croc enclosure with an infant there would be a problem...but as has already been said Steve Irwin has experience, and not just 5 years or 10 years...he has a LIFETIME of experience.

I can't negatively comment on the validity of teaching children how to act around crocadilians or even venomous snakes cause here in friendly Manitoba we have none. If I lived in an area where they existed in the wild and my child could encounter them at any time then I would for sure be exposing them at a young age.

Like it or not, Steve Irwin knew what he was doing and likely had more safety precautions than are visible in the frame of the camera.

For all you child safety pundits out there I hope your kids wear bike helmets (more importantly PROPERLY) because I have seen so many people freak out about child safety and then let their kids ride around without or with an improperly worn bicycle helmet...just an example of hypocracy.

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