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sSnakeSs Member's Photo's

Okay....i just got finished cleaning up the ssnakess members photo's part of the gallery ( Not to be confused with members gallery) Members photo's are for pictures of yourself. Not your animals, not your car lol. now flows finally and it took me several hours to fix!!! So lets be careful in the future when uploading as it creates more work for me and i get grumpy!!!

While doing it...i thought, why not start 2004 off with a bang! Lets see some recent photo's of everyone and see if we can get some more member participation this time around. I know we have had threads like this before...but lets start new for the new season!!!

Here is was taken by member Daan (aka Doenoe) at a party held at Beverly's (aka Beejay) house this summer. Its a motorized scooter her husband designed and was alot of alcohol was involved with this photo!

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