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I am new to this forum, in fact I had to get into the rift that I just read for the last, I don't know, seemed like hours, about the feeding habits of the ball python. I found it quite humorous as well as entertaining. It is good to see a lot of diversity on this forum, I only hope that people respect each others opinions and don't get into dung slinging. I agree with the moderator that just posted, the written word can be informative, but just because you read it somewhere doesn't mean its gospel. Experience is the best teacher for most things including the feeding habits of the ball python. The problem with books and the internet, caresheets, etc, is that they aren't gospel, but guidelines to assist in proper care of your animals. Each and every snake is different and could have different metabolisms, just like people and therefore different needs. Whether you feed it once a month or once a week, you will need to keep a watchful eye on the ball pythons body structure, and you can tell a fat snake from an undernurished one. All I am saying is that use the caresheets, books and internet as guidelines for proper care and husbandry.:w , and can't we all just get along, and love each other, lets have a big group hug here!
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