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Great arguement.... lol... a bit tense, but otherwise a lot of great discussion

Originally posted by Slannesh
Feeding only once per month seems too far between feedings for me,
Snakes are not like people. Of course it would be naturally a little odd and unnatural, since we need to constantly feed ourselves to stay alive, for us to easily accept that another living thing may only need food less than a dozen times yearly. For you, yes! it would seem too far between, but for the snakes, it is not at all

Originally posted by Ontario_herper
Simple answer, yes. I donít believe that a ball python would be able to maintain a healthy body weight on a 3 meal-a-year schedule.
LOL you haven't met one of mine! Once he became a mature adult, he fasted for 1year 6days, came out of it and ate 4 meals, then has gone back in to another fast for however many more months (or longer ). Maintained perfect body weight, and was/is alert and active.

Originally posted by Ontario_herper
It seriously makes me want to run to the washroom and vomit.
Vomit with rage, by chance?

Originally posted by Cerastes
For the others out there that are still confused, a healthy ADULT ball python should be fed appropriately sized mice or rats every two to four weeks.
IMHO there is too much emphasis put on shedules that -we- deem correct. We need to follow what our snakes tell us and not we what we feel they need. Of course many snakes will eat when offered since in the wild, food is not as readily available, it is insinct to take what they can (within reason). This is what causes trouble for the most part (well, gives the window of opportunity for keepers to chunk them up). Schedules are a great tool for those that have not learned how to read their snakes yet, as a safety guideline, but not the optimal way to keep them. There are some BP out there that may only need a meal every 2 months, some maybe every 2 weeks, or like one of mine, a few times a year.

Originally posted by KristenM
there is much more infromation in the right book, or from the right person first hand and less room for error, because they are edited by people who know what they are talking about. Unlike, the internet where any anybody can make up a care sheet
LOL I don't know about that. Seems most of the books you pick up have some innacuracies or blatant ignorance. Books as well, as only one persons' opinion, much like caresheets. You don't need to be a verified "expert". I have a book kicking around here somewhere that claims iguanas need to eat bird gravel to digest their food properly, and not so long as the other day I was sifting through a book on monitors that suggests they should all be kept at an even 80 degrees Sure any of these tips will work if your goal is to kill the animal :/ They may have less room, but just because they have an assigned editor, does not mean much.
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