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""" Not that big a deal""" that is the thought mentality that could cause us to loose many of our rights and abilities to keep reptiles.

As I have said before one slip one mishap and the politicians would be bombed with the public asking for restrictions and if you don't think they would do just that think again. It has already happened in many places.

By the way I have two boys both raised hunting and fishing. Both raised around animals including wolves. I have never placed them in danger nor have I ever placed them in a situation before I felt they were ready for it. As to the wourst that could happen from a social workers point of veiw. I understand what your saying more then you might expect.

Why Steve did not face charges is he brings in to much revenue and is to popular and thats a shame had any of us done it you know what would have happened.

Great Post points well taken and valid. But we were not under a public microscope where are action can effect others. Those under the camera need to show more caution and care in the actions they do.
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