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If the whole purpose was to introduce a ONE MONTH OLD to crocodiles, why not introduce it to a hatchling with its mouth taped. Why advertise it as a big event and hold your baby while feeding a 13 ft crocodile??? tHeGiNo, please refute my points. Maybe you can persuade me to your line of thought.
As already suggested, I am sure the baby has been introduced to smaller lizards and crocs. I am also sure it wouldn't have had the same effect.

Then to make the claim that he did this for his own personal interest, the reason all I said was that it was stupid is simply because the claim itself is ridiculous. It is backed up by zero evidence, and again it is just ridiculous. That is why I did not feel the need to refute your point. Claiming him to his his baby as a prop, now that is taking it a little bit too far.
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