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I dont think it was as bad as the press makes it out to be. Steve is pretty good at what he does, and you can bet he was really on his toes with his son with him. Should have been supporting the baby's head though. Dont get me wrong...I do think it was a supid thing to do. Even if he was in complete control of the croc (who knows?), the press and public are at least as dangerous and unpredictable.

Oh...for those of you who say our kids are being raised as wimps, the flip side is that infant and child mortality rates have been declining steadily. Deaths for children under age 1 have fallen steadily, for example, in the United States where it has gone from from 29/1000 in 1950 to 7/1000 in 2000. (

I'm not saying you're wrong, about coddling our kids...I'm just saying there's a trade-off.

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