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Just because I'm open minded enough to look at this from some different views, maybe this thief ain't such a bad guy. Don't get me wrong I hate thieves, but maybe he was trying to do the snake a favour? We have all seen animals kept in horrid conditions before & even I myself have said how I would like to just grab them & take them to a better place. I am bothering to post this just to show you all your basic nature. You all assume buddy is just a scumbag thief right away (chances are) but maybe, just maybe he did it out of compassion for the animal. It says that another "friend" ratted buddy out. The media story doesn't give but 1 view of the situation. The guy could be a misguided hero as far as we know. We all assume the worst of him right away, whereas maybe the other guy is actually the bad guy. Not saying buddy was right to take it, but unless he is a ****** maybe there is a valid reason that we will never know. Just wanted to show everyone that a little understanding & empathy may be in order more often & how quick we all are to judge others.

On the other hand, a boys father was at the Calgary Fall TARAS show with handouts looking for his stolen Jungle corn & tank etc. He talked to every single vendor. It was stolen in a B&E. He would not take a snake from anyone, even though he was offered lots of nice ones by many people for free. He was even offering a reward. He just wanted his kids pet back. The same man had flyers up at every pet store in the city looking also. This guy is a true hero. This snake could have been replaced multiple times over for free, but there was only one snake that would be accepted back, his kids. Now this thief was definitely a scumbag. If only there could be more people like this kids father in the world.
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