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A dang good post, C.M. phyrrus! Both of them. Just what I wanted to say. The kids these days are growing up to be a bunch of wimps surrounded with safety regulations and all sorts of crap. Everything is off-limits. Its like you said, these kind of things happened on a regular basis 50 years ago, and nobody thought boo about it. Now we have a bunch of beurocratic idiots trying to tell us what we can and cannot do. I grew up in hill-billy country in North Carolina and as far back as I can remember, I went out in the woods by myself, went fishing by myself, did alot of stuff by myself. Of course, I always had the protection of my Daisy BB gun. Now if a kid goes into the woods by himself, his parents get arrested for child-endangerment. In 20 years, who knows, I might have to move to some third world country where I actually have freedom.

Back to the main topic. I dont think the point is that we all know everything about crocs, therefore worthy of deeming Steve's actions safe. The point is that Steve knows crocs like the back of his hands, and therefore he is worthy of deeming his actions safe. This is a croc thats been around people for a very long time. And this also is a croc that Steve has been around for a long time. Its by no means a docile animal, but its not straight from the wild either. It knows that Steve is the <i>source</i> of his food, not food himself. I doubt he would spend the energy attacking Steve for food when he knows all he has to do is wait for him to pull out a chicken.

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