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Thats what gets me too, just from the other side. Much like Jeff said his part about the canoe, some things are just degrees on what you have been known to be risky or not.

I was taken out since I was an infant on hunting and trapping outings. Who ever says that an infant cannot learn from it is obserd. If anything, this is the prime time to expose the world to your child. Best time for them to learn just about anything and everything. There are kids that play violin better than anyone at the age of 5, kids that can survive better than adults in any given situation. And why? Because they were exposed to certain situations and stimuli since birth, and not strolled around in pretty new clothes, smelling like baby powder in some carriage and displayed to the relatives as a "show and tell" item, something that is shown off as a pretty new addition like your dog or new truck. Sad to see this world so afraid to acclimate their children to anything. No wonder that the common person has no clue on how to survive outdoors, or even cook mac and cheese before the age of 16. No wonder kids cannot read by kindergarden but know what a television is. Makes me sick to see the world so affraid to do anything these days.
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