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Sorry folks to upset you all, but I still have no reason to feel that Steve did anything wrong. IMO your thoughts and posts reflect a bit of "culture-shock" and a tad bit of wimpiness. What ever happened to the folks that grew up around nature, without being "kept safe" from harm?

Again, I just think think that our cultures are conditioned to accept some things and to not accept others. Still seems to me that people fail to realize that he has the right to bring his son up as he sees fit. Also, what makes you think that he has any less control over what he does than what you have control over in your life? Seems this world gets to be a bigger baby by the day. Anything not acceptable by modern western society seems to be a shame.

Do you folks not realize that your very own ancectors did this on a regular basis? You are a product of this type of learning. Now you sit back and act as if you are better than that? Get real, grow up and get some balls. Then go pack the family in the wagon for a picnic, roll the damn vehicle and realize the risks you take to enjoy your 'acceptable' lives.

Or maybe your just upset because you have a problem with Irwin, and you find this as your golden oppertunity to shine? Either way, folks need to grow some and not allow yourselves to be conditioned to be blind to your own mistakes and misconceptions.
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