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Dragons and Balls you wrote
So some of you are saying it is not acceptable for him to do what he did.Who the hell made you God.Unless you are God do not judge anybody.It was totally acceptable to me,so what gives you the right to say it is not acceptable?

You may want to check out the laws reguarding who and whom may enter a crocadile paddock in Australia. The laws were put inplace to PROTECT person. Steve broke the laws. Probably the exact same laws he enforces on his employee's. Just proving he is above the laws in his eyes.

As to who gives us the right to say what is exceptable. Its called years of working with these animals and understanding the dangers and risk involved with it. Just curious to how much experiance you have with any dangerous reptiles let alone crocs.I am by no meens a crocadillian expert myself but i have worked with them in limited circumstances and seen them do very unpredicatable things. And all it would have took was one brief secound and the baby would be dead. So anyone who has worked with dangerous animals CERTAINLY DOES have the right to say what he did was dangerous, foolish , and irresponcible along with illegal. THAT IS WHAT GIVES US THE RIGHT.


People do raise their children to respect and to avoid danger but not fear them. Same with guns . However How many do you know actually put them in harms way to show off for PR none i would guess. Yes teaching your children is very important but at an appropriate age. and proper handling is extremely important but ( being handled in front of a croc by your dad ) is not proper handling by a you. As to writing the letters hell ya keep flooding them, They like thier ratings and im sure do not want to loose it and if thier legal dept says to him YOU WILL SHOW PROPER HANDLING you can rest assured he will. Contracts can be changed for purposes of safety and life and limb to cover the producers butts in case of accident.
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