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As much as I hate to say it but animal planet and discovery are most likely being over loaded with other letters. Chances are they won't even read the letters. The best way to promote what you think proper handling is to show people yourself. Also if there is a contract in place they can not FORCE anyone to do anything. Steve knows what he is doing. I don't agree how he was holding the baby and I agree it was part a publicity stunt. But Bob is not our son there for we can not judge how he should be raised. Lots of people were raised like that. Wild animals are a part of life for everyone, so why is it wrong for someone to teach their children to respect them?? Some people are raised with crocs or bears comming right into their backyard when playing, I'd rather know that my child could fend for it's self (kinda) then a cityslicker that knows nothing and gets it's self killed.
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