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I have thought about what his actions have done and after cooling down i formed a letter and sent it to animal planet and discovery channel. I believe if enough people do this it may show Steve that what he is doing is not accepted or acceptable.

if you feel the same i incourage you to write them also or just copy and paste the below if you feel it fits.

To whom it may concern with the Animal Planet and Discovery channels.

In regard to what has occurred regarding Stephen Irwin AKA" The Crocodile Hunter" and his actions with his Infant son. As a keeper of dangerous reptiles myself and as a person who has worked on a limited bases with Crocodilians I find Mr. Irwin's actions Dangerous and Irresponsible.
I feel that I must bring to light that he placed his child in harms way for a publicity stunt to increase profit. At 1 month of age He the infant is by no means a qualified handler of these animals and as it is required in his own country to be permitted Mr. Irwin broke the laws by bringing the child in to the paddock.

His action also affect on the reptile community in a whole as it gives a very bad view on the millions of responsible reptile owners that live in our communities. Do in large part to his actions many people that are not familiar with reptiles or their care and handling see us as person who go out to play with dangerous animals for thrills. This is very untrue as many keepers are highly educated persons that have spent many years learning how to properly care for the reptiles in their charge.

I do believe his actions also reflect upon your business as it appears you condone such actions by continuing to allow him to handle many dangerous reptiles in a manner that is unsafe and dangerous. The ratings you may receive from his actions are not worth it if one person dies from mimicking his actions and receives a venomous bite or is bitten by an alligator. The bad Press that would be generated from such an incident would reflect badly upon your programming and the reptile hobbyist, keepers, sellers.

When allowing him to handle venomous reptiles without proper handling equipment it sends a message to many people that by using your bare hands is the way to handle these creatures. When in fact there are many specialized tools designed for the safe manipulation of these reptiles that place the handler in little or no harm if used correctly. I site other persons you have on your programming such as Jeff Corwin or Mark O'Shea who both use the proper handling equipment.

I believe it is your responsibility to FORCE Mr. Irwin to now use proper handling tools while under your employ, and to refrain from actions that may harm your business or other persons business's. His actions are and do reflect upon your programming and do reflect upon millions of other law abiding and responsible persons.

I appreciate your time in reading this.

Scott Bice
Scott Bice

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