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I'm not denying their uses for herps. As I said I use them myself, they're just not suitable for species dependent upon higher levels of UVB.

As for sources, I can't provide links as all the info I collected was over the phone or in person. Most of my research on this subject was done 3-4 years ago but I did find Rambridge, Westgro, CSA, and a couple of other now defunct companies to be valuable sources of data. You might also try a local hydroponic supplier as they often have their own comparisons documented.

One more thing, if you do decide to use Verilux, check with Lee Valley Tools if you have an outlet near you as they will order these lamps for a lot less than your local petstore. Another good source is alternative energy/ organic lifestyle shops. I used to get mine through a small store of this type for $13 per tube.

If you don't mind making some electrical mods and spending a couple of $$ more, buy T8 tubes and ballasts to convert your fixtures. The T8's produce a higher lumen rating and consume less power than the T12's.

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