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Well, I've tried them,mostly the cheaper ones like Deco sonic, and I know pro breeders that have used expensive commercial units...
There are some problems with them.
The bag material with the chaper ones, is very thin and generally they don't really do a good job, as sharp toenails puncture them, so there is no real airtight seal.
Good industrial ones,with thick plastic and lots of vac power pose another problem.. If mice are put in them while they are freshly killed, the vacuum actually sucks their inards out, making a bit of a mess, and compacts them so tightly that you end up with a solid mouse block. This is Ok for storing long term, but if you only want one or two mice, forget it, unless you have an ice pick, and don't mind pieces.

What I have used for years now is the double ZipLock bags...They work just as well if you squeeze the air out before zipping. I even reuse them sometimes. What I do is put the mice in, squeeze out the air and then press them flat between two boards in the freezer...I do them up 50 per bag, date them and once flat and pressed you can stack them in an orderly fashion
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