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I know that while it is deemed a controversial act on Steve's part, it is only seen as such because of the standards to which the public has stated a parent should be. Times are changing and you can't even give a child a smack on the hand when they do something wrong, so of course he's the big monster now. Though we must understand that being a father and a croc enthusiast are probably both second nature to him. That he wouldn't endanger his son or his animals. He was working with an animal he knows through and through, and yes I know that wild animals can and will be unpredictable, but he felt safe in his actions and is most likely reeling at the prospect of everyone disliking him for doing something that he never gave thought to. Everyone deserves a second chance, and after the publicity he's most likely endured due to this event I am fairly certain he won't be doing it agian in the public eye. I have a hard time believing that he could/would do it as a publicity stunt. Seems to far from his personality to me, but again that's just MHO.

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