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The only problem i see is that he went public. Now he has to hear it from the countless morons that pass judgement on others when they are just as much at fault for putting their kids and others into danger. If you do not think that packing your kids in the minivan for a ball game or movie is dangerous, then your a moron. If you fail to realize that Steve has many people that are watching out for him while he is in the exibits then your a moron.

I do not see how all you folks could pass judgement on another so strongly when YOU are just as guilty for doing things that could carry the same consequences, even if these things are publicly acceptable. You think that the common things that you do daily are any safer than what Steve did? If so you need a reality check. Just because what Steve did is beyond our reality, does not mean that the public itself is at fault for endangering their childrens lives on a daily basis. I would rather be Steves' kid than be the kid in the back of countless minivans worldwide. The world has been conditioned to believe everything they do is normal and great, but others actions are horrible.

How many of you fathers out there have venomous or other potentially dangerous reptiles at home? Who has not taken there kids out to shoot the 'family' guns? Who has not ran a red light with a carload of kids only to think "That was close!"

On a side note...I was raised by a mountain man, literally. I was going on my fathers trap lines at the age of 3, and even on hunting trips as an infant. I was setting traps and snares at 4-5 years of age. And believe me when I say a full grown Mountain Lion is nothing you want to see pissed off at the end of chain. This is something our ancectors have been doing for ages, to condition and teach their young about the world they are entering. Some of you folks need to lighten up and see beyond your own ways, and realize you are at fault for dangerous actions as well.

My 2 cents....
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