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Hmm I think my post got deleted, weird...*sigh* Anyhow I will repost it.

The only mistake he made was doing it in public. His parents raised him at the park, he caught his first venomous snake at FOUR years old, he was raised feeding crocs and wants to raise his two kids the same way. To us its wrong but to them its normal. The only mistake was doing it in front of the public.

I only HOPE any kids I get stuck with will have those opportunities.
Exactly my opinion. I am sure his dad did the exact same thing with him; it is a way of life for them. Like you said it was doing it publicly that was his mistake.

i agree with him saying it is more dangerous packing your kid up and going outside
That is very similar to what I was going to post when the thread started but I thought it would upset people. My opinion is: him doing that is exactly like taking your kid into a vehicle. Or similar to it anyways. Yet it is something we do without giving it a second thought.

How old was Steve when his father started taking him out on croc hunts? He too was a baby. No one pegged his father as being irresponsible. The only reason anyone cares is because he's a tv personanlity. And we all know how much people like to stir $hit up.

As already mentioned, you cannot compare this to what MJ did. As someone else mentioned, but that seems to be gone too, I highly doubt MJ was holding the baby over the railing so that he wont grow up with a fear of heights. Steve had his reasons. Again, it was stupid to do it on camera.

the croc obviously notices weeknesses and that one hand is busy holding the kid..i love steeve but damn that was freakin dummbbbb..i dont even understand the point..its not like the baby is gonna remember!
Exactly, you do not understand. Steve does, and so did his father when he did the same with him. They understand why they do it, which is why you can't critisize him for doing so. And I am sure if the crocodile viewed the baby as a weakness, Steve would know about it.
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