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I understand your point Julie, but Steve's dad wasn't the media focal point that his son has become. He didn't go out of his way to share Steve's early initiation with the world. Had he done so, I believe there would have been some negative reaction even back then. To openly and deliberately share this moment with the entire world only invites criticism and controversy. Its not like they were unaware of the potential ramifications of doing this.

Obviously they were felt the stunt was safe or they wouldn't have staged it in the first place. The majority of the general public however, views this as reckless endangerment of a child. Yes, there are plenty of things in our environment that pose potential threats to our offspring, but we can't go around strapping the car seat to the roof because we're confident enough in our ability to operate the vehicle.

In this day and age we are expected to exercise a certain level of common sense and resposibility when it comes to raising children. If we demonstrate anything less, particularly in public view, we invite scrutiny and our fitness as parents is brought into question. I personally feel that this act was openly challenging the acceptable limits of child welfare and found it offensive both as a herp keeper and a future parent.

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