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scalawag how could it be a gimmick for the crowds if his family has been raising kids this way for 30-40 years? Steve was taught to catch his first croc at 8, first venomous snake at 4.

Just because in North America we have cats and dogs and teach our kids to be afriad of wild creatures doesn't mean its the only way. I think both Bindi and Bob (his children) are extremely LUCKY to be raised with the opportunity to learn about animals in the same manner Steves parents raised him.

I agree this should have been private, but when you think about it being 100% normal to that family, you can see why the mistake was made.

Steve doesn't need any publicity like that, and have never tried to get it that way, its illogical to say that out of the blue he has started too, especially considering his family has been raised that way for 30 years.

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