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Originally posted by MartinW
I think Steve knows enough to be able to do that safely. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just as dangerous as carrying a baby across a busy road when you know what you're doing. Of course bringing a baby to meet a croc isn't really necessary whereas carrying a baby across the road might be at some times.
You know, that is very similar to an analogy I was going to make, except I was going to say it is the same thing as taking your baby with you in the car. But then I decided not to.

I like Steves show but doing this in front of ANYONE was just plain stupid. He has admitted as much now since the child welfare department was called on them.
I was thinking the exact same thing. I am sure his dad did the same with him, but he was dumb to do it publicly. I do feel sorry for him though, as dumb of a mistake as it was.

some how i dont think michael jackson dangled the baby so that it wouldnt be afraid of heights when it got older
Exactly. As stupid as it was, it is not fair to put this incident in correllation to the MJ incident.

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