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I'd also like to reply to Mark129er's original post...

Yes, I understand how frustrating it can be to deal with "ill-informed" people, however we must remember that MOST people don't really know anything about snakes, just old pet-store "folk-lore", lol!

When I talk to people unfamiliar with snakes, they are always amazed that I feed my snakes pre-killed, thawed rodents. They always say, "Oh, I thought they had to have live food!". It seems to be a common pre-conception that snakes need living prey.

You just have to be polite, and try to broach the subject of feeding pre-killed. The guy may never have even thought of it, if he's a relatively inexperienced herper. This is where you, as a more experienced keeper can make a difference, by offering someone the benefit of your knowledge in a positive way.

Just my two cent's...

Hang in there!

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