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I've just read this very long and sometimes humerous thread. A lot of excellent post by some great herpers in support of Dave's (ontarioherper) comments. Unfortunately many of them don't post here very often so they may not be as well known as some of the newbie herpers who have 3000 posts to their name. I'm glad to see Cerastes and Lori (yes she works at the T.O. Zoo) get into the conversation, as well as Scotty Allen.

Slannesh, one of the reputable breeders that you quote hasn't even been into snakes for more than a couple of years. I know him, he has an amazing set up and a lot of quality animals, but he is raising them for breeding and he hasn't been around long enough to say that this is the way to feed for healthy long life. I am in no way saying that his animals are unnhealthy, and I would buy from him if I was into high end morphs, but I'm more interested in natural looking animals, field herping and conservation.

I hope you will take some time to think about what some of these people are saying, because they do have a lot of experience.
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