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Now, people need to realize that <html><i>boids</i></html> are equipped by nature to go for relatively long periods without food, being generally relatively sluggish, ambush hunters.

I know of breeders of several types of boas or pythons who feed their adults only once a month, except perhaps a bit more for the females during breeding season.

I have personally had an adult male Solomon Island Ground Boa, <html><i>Candoia carinata paulsoni</i></html>, go off feed for no apparent reason for a period of a little
over a year, only to resume feeding again just as mysteriously. Unbelievably, the animal lost very little body weight during his extended fast.

I have had other <html><i>Boids</i></html> go off their feed for various periods of time, up to seven months, but none quite as extreme as the Ground Boa.

And, it's the same ol' thing - folks quoting care sheets, and hearsay, when they in fact have very little actual practical experience to draw upon.

As our good friend, Mr. Scotty Allen has mentioned, people are beginning to find out that perhaps we are over-feeding many of our captives. It seems that obesity may be one of the main causes of egg-binding in female colubrids, for example, among other things.


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