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Originally posted by Slannesh

So there are no knowledgeable people on the net offering good advice at all. Caresheets don't ever get edited do they? And none of them could possibly be written by anyone who has any knowledge of the subject of course. What rubbish. Books are generally written by people who know what they're talking about. They're edited by someone who cares about spelling and grammatical errors and how many pages of space the book will take up and how many pages of 'useless information' they can crop so it'll all fit into the X # of pages the Publisher decided to grace this particular author with.

As to the astroturf, I haven't kept Shiva on that for several years. Since you've checked my website so closely i'm sure you'll notice the date on those pictures as being from May 99'. I've been using either Repti-bark or fir/orchid bark mulch for quite a while now. Since you brought it up however, what do you house your balls on? I know substrate is probably the single most debated topic for most herps.

The blurb on my page about Balls eating snakes and other lizards could be entirely false, Again it was information I got many years ago I do know that they don't eat domestic mice in the wild, which was the point I was trying to make. [/B]
You disproved your prior statement , time to update your web site

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